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Ammo is AMAZING and no bullshit. She tunes in to what you need - body and soul - and knows how to kick you in the ass to get the results you want. Whether it's a training session or a reading (or both), a session with Ammo will set you straight!

- Tracy S. NYC

I met Ammo almost 3 years ago and since that time we have done Reiki sessions, tarot readings and she has made me countless magical candles that have helped and changed me each and every time. I had heard about Ammo from a friend but when I met her I knew what all the hype was about. She is the real deal, incorporating life's realities with magical and spiritual practices.I have introduced her to people that she has trained in the gym as well as helped with emotional situations that only someone with a business called Fitness Witch could.I have felt transformed and rejuvenated after our Reiki sessions and enlightened and hopeful after our readings.
Meeting Ammo was a gift and I'm glad I can now also call her a friend!
-Karen C.

In her insightful readings and refreshingly non-nonsense advice, Ammo is always on target and enormously helpful. She facilitates self-motivation and empowerment.

What I enjoy most about working with Ammo is that I feel like she really listens to what is going on with me. She is direct and honest and I feel immediate change after our sessions.
-Cat T.

I have been going to Ammo for Reikii services for quite a few years. I always feel more positive and less stressed after. I often have epiphanies that help me to cope with whatever is ailing me. I recently had a baby and it had been sometime since I had her services. It dawned on me I may have a touch of postpartum depression. I couldn't afford a therapist so I opted for a different form of therapy. The Reikii session was cathartic and gave me the push to get out of bed to take care of my family. Her services are so reasonably priced when considering what you get back in return, a sound mind, a positive attitude, and a keen insight into yourself. I am so grateful for her help and services!

Ammo and I are in a drum corps together but since it is large we had never spoken.
I approached her during a practice to chat and when I asked what she did she said
she had a variety of skills and that she also “saw dead people”. Perhaps that would
have flown over most people’s heads but since I had recently lost my 22 year old
son and had already had confirmation that those no longer in corporal form are
indeed still really around as themselves I asked if she saw anyone around me.
This qualified as a big win for me! She said she saw a young man with bushy
eyebrows. This is something I associate with old men so I puzzled over it during
our drum practice and at the break I showed her a photo on my phone and asked
“Is this who you saw?” and she said yes but his hair was shorter – as indeed it always
was except at the time that picture was taken. I also asked her again about the “bushy
eyebrows” and she explained “Well he told me to tell you that.” It dawned on me
that I had been looking at photos of him in my phone and thinking that his eyebrows
were darker than I noticed in person, and I could only conclude that, by his words to
Ammo, his intention was to tease me…and I could also only conclude that in fact Ammo
did see him…. And then you have the big question….what does that mean about what
we all think “life” is… It is clear Ammo has the ability to act over a wider range of energetic awareness than most of us and it’s hard to understand all that might mean, but for me it’s clear to conclude that it is beneficial and magical! I’ve also taken a yoga class that Ammo offered to our drum group and found her incredibly tuned in to what I needed and what I was capable of at that moment. It made my first time moving after years at a desk incredibly positive, encouraging and constructive…. Sometimes when things are so well aligned they appear simple but in fact they are much more and I believe it is my privilege to slowly
understand some of what Ammo really brings to the table as a healer in the various
modalities she works in.